LGBTQ Democrats Endorse Maria

I am excited and honored to share that the LBGTQ Democrats of Montgomery County have endorsed me.  Please see the full announcement below.

LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County Endorse 2018 Primary Candidates

April 16, 2018 – Montgomery County, MD – The LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County are proud to announce their endorsed candidates for the 2018 Democratic primaries in the Maryland Governor, County Executive, County Council and Board of Education races.

“We formed the LGBTQ Democrats in response to the hateful rhetoric and poisonous policies coming from President Donald Trump’s White House and the Republican Party,” said Michael Knaapen, president of the LGBTQ Democrats. “This endorsement process reflects our members’ desires to elect thoughtful, caring individuals who have shown a commitment to supporting and protecting members of the LGBTQ community in Montgomery County and the state of Maryland.”

The LGBTQ Democrats of Montgomery County will activate its members and supporters to help the endorsed candidates win in the June primary.

Every Democratic candidate was sent a questionnaire via email. Only candidates who returned the questionnaire were considered eligible for an endorsement. While status as a member of the LGBTQ community is a factor in determining endorsements, it was not used as the sole deciding factor in any endorsement. Candidates were reviewed based on their track record of supporting issues important to the LGBTQ community and their responses to the questionnaire.

“Political endorsements are never an easy process, especially in a place like Montgomery County, where nearly all candidates consider themselves to be friends of the LGBTQ community. For this reason, we used a three-tiered process to determine our endorsed candidates; one that included an endorsement committee, the executive committee and final approval by the full membership,” Knaapen said.

List of Endorsed Candidates

Rich Madaleno

County Executive
George Leventhal

County Council At-Large
Gabe Albornoz, Evan Glass, Ashwani Jain, and Hans Reimer

County Council District 1
Pete Fosselman

County Council District 2
No endorsement

County Council District 3
Ben Shnider

County Council District 4
Nancy Navarro

County Council District 5
Tom Hucker

Board of Education At-Large
Julie Reiley

Board of Education District 1
Maria Blaeuer

Board of Education District 3
Lynn Amano

Board of Education District 5
Brenda Wolff

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