I had a great time chatting with folks Monday night and appreciated the chance to (very quickly) introduce myself to everyone who came to the League of Women Voters event.  It was a little frustrating to think I was going to have longer to talk than I did (90 seconds doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but when you find out you only have 15 seconds, trust me, 90 seconds seems a lot longer!)  It was also hard to not participate in the conversation, and I am anxious for the fall forum where I will have a chance to share my story and why I am running with more people.  I’ve been litigating, doing large group trainings and teaching adult students about education, law and policy for years, but I am learning that it is something very different to run for office.  Sometimes I wish there wasn’t so quite much to learn, but at the same time, I think actually doing it is probably the best way to learn.

However, despite some frustrations, Monday was a great day for this campaign.  In addition to another endorsement, some young women I’ve known for years told me how much my campaign meant to them and signed up to volunteer.  They were happy to know that someone was running who cared about them as students with disabilities, as LBTQ+ youth, and just as young people struggle to be seen and navigate the world.  One young woman said, “it’s like you were advocating for me!” and I absolutely am.  I was touched to hear how much they connected with my message, and after a long evening, their support renewed me and I am thankful for it.

Students are why I am doing this.  Students are why, at 42 years old, I decided to learn how to campaign and fundraise, so that students would have the best chance possible for full and rewarding life after they leave MCPS.

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